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Do any of these statements sound familiar? 

✔️ You worry too much.

✔️ You must drag yourself out of the bed every morning and often wake up feeling sad for no obvious reason.

✔️ You're disposed to making negative predictions.

✔️ You worry about the worst that could happen in any situation. 

✔️ You take negative feedback very personally.

✔️ You're your biggest critic.

✔️ You avoid people more than you should. 

✔️ Anything less than perfection feels like failure.


Fortunately, these feelings can be healed. They can be made to shift to a more positive and constructive space.

If they do, then there's a chance that you're experiencing some degree of anxiety.


Unpleasant feelings are a part of our daily lives.


They are there to teach us a lesson.


Once we've learned our lesson, they often move on, but might come back with another lesson later.


As a result of these experiences, you're likely to feel sad and stressed.


These are perfectly normal emotions to go through from time to time.


Everyone feels low and apprehensive about something or the other at some point in their lives.


But when these unpleasant emotions begin to consume you, then you must act before it's too late.

Here's what peoples are saying:

"I had a lot of anxiety in my life. I wasn't even sure where it came from, but it started affecting my school work, my job, and my relationships. I found My Power Up Coach and now I am in control of my emotions, thoughts, and feelings. I use the techniques daily and it really helps. Thank you SO MUCH!"- Ambra D.

"I struggled with Anxiety for a long time. I was in and out of hospitals trying to figure out why I was anxious all the time. After working with My Power Up Coach, I am now reminded on how much I used to love the future and now bring that feeling with me every day. When I look back over our time together, I realized that I lost that passion, but now I have it back and the anxiety is gone. I recommend that everyone should get a Power Up Coach to take their life to the next level." Jason R.

You and Your Anxiety: To Overcome Your Stuck Points
Anxiety hypnosis worcester massachusetts cbt cognitive behavioral therapy

Anxiety can creep up on you in many ways from physical and behavioral symptoms that are obvious to subtler symptoms that mess with your emotional and cognitive state of being. Yet, each time, it can leave behind a somewhat similar and familiar feeling- the feeling of being a little more lost, battered, and alone.


No anxious person has the same set of symptoms, which is why each person's anxiety is unique and therefore their individual journey. That said, most people have some of each type of the symptoms, only in different combinations, which makes understanding how it works more appreciable. This chapter focuses on personality concepts that will help you understand how your anxiety works.

Now, you cannot understand the average anxious person to understand your anxiety. You don't need to either. You need to understand the many dimensions within which you and your anxiety exist. Once you start identifying these dimensions which are mostly characterized by triggers and symptoms, you'll be able to work around them, and in time, overcome them too.

Anxiety on the inside can affect what you do and how you act on the outside. And so, if you were to observe your mind and body carefully, you might be able to notice some signs, behavioral and physical, that can tell you what your anxiety might be doing to you. For instance, an anxious person might be dealing with several conflicting and apprehensive thoughts. The internal noise and fear that reverberates inside might make them appear tired, withdrawn, and/or nervous.

Anxiety hypnosis worcester massachusetts cbt cognitive behavioral therapy

Here’s what to do next:


This process begins with you.

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Here's what more peoples are saying:

"I am a school psychologist and my son was having problems dealing with school and focusing. I went to Pete as a last effort because what could he do that I couldn’t do. After 3 sessions, I couldn’t thank Pete enough since T is now connecting better with people at school and has no anxiety or outbursts"- Sarah F.

"For the first time in over 30 years, I no longer have to take my medicine. Peter taught me such an amazing technique that I do every morning and I am in control of what happens that there is no longer any anxiety. This is Complete FREEDOM!" William D.

What Does Your Behavior Say Of You?
Check off statements that apply to you.

☑️  I find myself crying for no reason.

☑️There are times when I feel empty and can't make myself do what I want to do.

☑️ I avoid socializing.

☑️ I avoid risks.

☑️ I also avoid doing fun stuff because I worry about the possible risk involved.

☑️ I'm afraid of failure and judgment.

☑️ I get fidgety.

☑️ I feel tired, withdrawn, and/or nervous.

☑️ I obsess over the past, worry about the future, and can rarely stay in the present.

☑️ I have no appetite.

☑️I'm always hungry.

☑️ My palms sweat all the time.

☑️ I can feel nauseous, lightheaded, cold, and shaky when anxious.

☑️ My heart races when I worry.

☑️I feel cold and weak too.

☑️ I have very little energy.

Today, you can begin to become your best self or you can continue to experience that anxiety, trouble breathing, pounding heart, and fear of the future.

😟 Increased heart rate

😟 Difficulty in breathing

😟 Stomach discomfort

😟 Headache

😟 Dizziness

😟 Sweaty hands, palms, feet, forehead

😟 Light-headedness

😟 Tightening of chest

😟 Feeling disoriented

😟 Feeling nauseous

😟 Feeling lonely and sad

Recognizing Any Resistance to Change

Truth is, most people hold many assumptions about change.


They resist it because it is unknown and therefore frightening.


It takes effort to act on changes and some aren't so keen on putting in that effort.


Some don't believe they can see the results they seek and so why try?


Others think they don't deserve to be happy and so don't change to improve their situations.


Some get so lost and stuck up in the cycle of anxiety that they fail to recognize the scope for change, for a better life.


While most of these thoughts are indeed assumptions, they can become the very beliefs that stand in the way of what you want to achieve.

What if...

(Notice which ones apply to you)

  • I take a risk, and what if I fail? Maybe, I should not.

  • I seek help, but what if no one offers?

  • What if I get rejected?

  • I always have trouble acting on changes, what if I mess up again?

  • I always get my hopes up but fail and get disappointed.

  • I can't do this. I'll never change. Why try? I don't want to fail again.

  • I am too anxious to succeed.

  • I'm not as good as the others. Surely, I can't compete with them.

  • I don't want to ask for help. It will make my weaknesses obvious and then everyone will know.

  • I don't think anyone cares. No one will help me.

  • I messed up when I could have made things better. That was my only chance. I can't do anything now and must settle for what comes my way.

  • I am helpless. No one cares and no one will help.

  • I've been misunderstood and mistreated all my life. No one changed for me. So why should I change?

  • They don't realize that I don't like being this way, that I have no choice.

  • I'm hopeless. I hate myself.

  • People will mock me. They already are. I know it and I want to hide.

  • There is no point. I can't see any purpose in my life.

  • I'm so alone and I want to cry.

The more of these 'What ifs' you have, the more you need the ACT Anxiety Relief Program.


While the above statements might not be pleasant to realize about oneself, it isn't entirely your fault if you have one or more of these blocking beliefs, but it is your responsibility to remove them.


People pick these ideas as a result of the circumstances and experiences they've lived.


What's important is that you can change, we all can.

You can change right now, or you can keep moving through life holding onto these blocks feeling unhappy.

Imagine it's been a year from reading this message. Do you feel smarter for not taking control and releasing your anxiety today?

Remember, your minds is capable of wonderful things.

It can envision a beautiful life.

It can create stories, piece together tiny details that together give the story the ending it needs.

Use this to your advantage.

Establish a relationship with your mind and once it feels heard and starts responding, teach it to create positive and inspirational thoughts for you.

Plant the seeds to begin the story.

Begin the Process, Create, and Execute Your Plan


This process begins with you.

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Here's what more peoples are saying:

"I had huge anxiety over my swim team. My coach put so much pressure on me to do well that I couldn’t focus. I went to Pete and he taught me the skills to be in the zone and that removed all the anxiety I felt and had one of the best years on my swim team"- Andrea B.

"I am a high school Student and all of a sudden I was getting sick before school. I had no idea where that anxiety came from. My parents brought me to Pete and he taught me the skills needed to cope and even feel excited for school." Anastasia S.

Anxiety hypnosis worcester massachusetts cbt cognitive behavioral therapy

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