Keeping The Faith

Just Suppose, you are laid off of work and unable to pay your bills. Your rent, mortgage, heat, electricity, and every other bill is falling behind. You have no idea how you will pay them. The endless phone calls, threats of turning off your service if there is no payment. You have to decide how you will feed your family and pets. Everyone becomes hungry, stressed, and depressed. You feel like a failure and that you let down the people in your life that depend on you. Even when you do work, your bills are barely getting paid. Now, you have no income or limited income that barely pays for your food. You have children and pets to feed. Right now with the COVID-19, bills are able to be postponed, but when its over, they will want payment in full. How can you catch up? Wouldn't it be nice if someone was able to help? That is how we give back. All it takes is $5 per person who has read this message and wants to help people not only survive, but thrive after this is over.

I remember growing up with my 3 brothers and my dad working 3 jobs. He would get up to deliver papers in the morning, go to his engineering job, and then working at a convenience store at night. I remember nights when he wasn't able to go to sleep until 1 or 2 am and then wake up at 4 am to deliver papers. Even working all of those hours, we barely had enough money to pay our monthly bills and keep food on the table. I understand how vital it is to help others when times are tough.

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We are In this Together and Your Help Will Help 100's of People 
Your Donation will help families in the following ways
  • Pay for Mortgage/ Rent
  • Keep food on the Tables for children and pets
  • Pay for Bills such as Heat, Electricity, Doctor Bills, etc
Because You Are So Generous and Kind, we at Power Up Coaching want to REWARD You with the following Acts of Kindness 
  • All Donations will receive a Relaxation Meditation Recording ($60 value) to help calm the mind to know that this storm will pass. This recording is also designed to help the mind and body heal itself from everything we come into contact with.
  • $5 Donation will receive the Relaxation Recording ($60 value) and a bonus Wealth Abundance Recording ($20 Value) to help you attract what you desire in your life
  • $20 Donation will receive the Relaxation Recording($60 value) , Wealth Abundance Recording ($20 Value) AND a bonus of either our Quit Smoking Program ($350 Value) or our Diet Freedom Program ($460 Value)
Please make sure you provide your email address
If you or someone you know may benefit from these donations please email Pete at
* 100% of profits go to helping people in need. The money give will go directly to bills to make sure they are paid