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Quit Smoking

We Provide you with

a life Time of free Follow Up Sessions

We understand that smoking can be a

very expensive habit that is why we have

developed this two sessions program to assist

you in quitting cigarettes.


There is more than one addiction to smoking.

There are six addictions.


Physical Nicotine Addiction

Habit and Association

Stress and Tension

Boredom and Frustration

Fatigue and Stimulation

Relaxation and Enjoyment


Only by beating all six triggers will you be able to Quit Smoking.

How do the free follow ups work?

If at any time in the future you feel the need to come back for quit smoking hypnotherapy, future sessions are free of charge.


*Free follow ups do not include services other than quit smoking hypnotherapy.


*Your Program is Risk Free


*Although typical results may vary, we expect that you will leave the first session a non smoker


*As future sessions are free of charge, we take care of you even if your results are not typical.


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I’m worried about my health,

How long does it take to book in?

Most people don’t have to wait any longer than two weeks to make an appointment with us. However, with cigarette tax prices rising and continued success, you may need to call sooner rather than later.


What is the Cost of Not Quitting?

An average smoker spending between $70 to $100 per week will save between $3,500 to $5,200 per year. Total cost is $395, that’s a small price to pay for your health.


The Quit Smoking Package includes a 2 Disc CD set entitled Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy as well as 2 sessions of professional hypnotherapy and counseling with an experienced and qualified hypnotherapist. 

Your Quit Smoking Program includes:

- 2 Sessions of Hypnotherapy

- 2 Bonus Audios valued at $60

- Lifetime Guarantee

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